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Sales Training, Consulting & Coaching

Whatever the challenge, Mercuri International South Africa has a solution for you. We deliver innovative learning solutions specifically tailored to your needs, helping you build successful sales teams and grow your business.


Digital Learning Center

The way we work has changed – so the way we train has to adapt. Mercuri International provides modular, flexible, customized training solutions that meet the needs of today’s business – and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.


Mercuri International’s Digital Learning Center is rethinking the way we learn.


Hybrid Learning Paths

Customized & Off-The-Shelf Modules

Virtual Classroom

Peer-to-Peer Solutions

Implementation & Practice Tools



How can we add value to your business?

Mercuri International uses decades of expertise in the art of selling to create bespoke solutions for clients. These solutions are backward planned, step by step, according to the specified results our client’s desire. Select the topic that matches what you need and see how we can add value to your business.


Mercuri International inspires sales teams to outperform by delivering innovative learning solutions specifically tailored to your needs, helping you build successful sales teams and grow your business. 

We help you empower your sales teams to deliver growth. We identify where to improve process, guide your sales activities in the right direction regarding quantity and quality, and put your KPI and sales leadership model in place.

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Improve conversion ratio and accuracy in forecast and pipeline management by aligning your sales process with the customer journey and clearly defined content.

Mercuri International’s Sales Strength Analysis™ helps to understand where the sales performance of a company really comes from through 7 general Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Upskilling couldn't be easier! We create advanced, innovative learning solutions that will inspire your sales teams to outperform.

We grow profit through people, providing the tools and processes to tackle any sales challenge.

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Whatever the challenge, Mercuri International has a learning path for you. Need a customized solution? Contact us to make it happen

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