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I want help building my own sales philosophy and framework....

We support you in execution and coach across teams and borders- helping you to align sales and the new way of working across the whole organization.


Sales Steering

A detailed analysis of current strategies and sales practices is done. Based on objectives, a sales steering methodology and process with detailed activity planning is formulated.

This Sales Steering acts as a guiding framework for all sales activities. Its ultimate goal is to plan precisely where growth will come from for each salesperson.

It serves as a roadmap for salespeople to follow that will ensure that the salesperson and the company achieves their objectives.

Target Audience:

The entire sales function.


Consistent implementation of customer, product, market segmentation and growth strategies leading to the consistent achievement of targets.


  1. Understand the potential of your existing customer base by quantifying the wallet share of your existing customer portfolio

  2. Categorize and segment your existing customers according to their potential and the strength of the commercial relationship

  3. Assess the growth potential per segment, per customer and per salesperson

  4. Determine how much of the required growth will come from existing customers and how much will need to come from new customers

  5. Plan how many new customers will be required per segment, per month for the next 3 years

  6. Map the buying processes of new and existing customers

  7. Align all sales processes to the established customer buying processes and plan required sales activities

  8. Define the competencies required for each step in the new and existing customer sales processes

  9. A steering methodology is formulated, and implementation measured


  1. Workshops

  2. Build steering methodology

  3. Introduce to sales team

  4. Audit implementation



Let us help you to improve conversion ratio and accuracy in forecast and pipeline management by aligning your sales process with the customer journey and clearly defined content.

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