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About Us

Mercuri International uses decades of expertise in the art of selling to create bespoke solutions for clients. These solutions are backward planned step by step according to the specified results our client’s desire.

Our solutions are not products or services, they are premium investments by our clients into proven methodologies that deliver significant returns for their businesses.

We do not offer magic wand solutions, we offer experience, expertise, and proven concepts that require time, hard work, dedication and commitment to realise their potential.

Despite often being partly dependant on forces out of our control such as economic conditions, 92% of our solutions still achieve their ambitious objectives.

our culture

At Mercuri International South Africa we have instilled a culture centered around humility and accountability. These cultural elements enhance  our core focus of excellence in everything we do


our beliefs

We believe that the ability to perform our work is a privilege. As such, each and every task we undertake for our clients and internally is treated as an opportunity to display our appreciation for the job


our values

Honesty, integrity, gratitude, trust, competence, humility and accountability drive our business. Family, responsibility and endeavour drive our people

our purpose

Our purpose is to impact our clients by making their people aware of the true meaning of their role in their organisation and by unlocking their individual potential towards being significant

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Mercuri International is owned by Bure Equity and

listed on the Swedish Stock exchange 

  • Founded in 1958

  • More than 500 employees & Partners

  • Offices in 37 countries

  • Client delivery in 50+ countries and 30+ languages


2023 Top20 Print Minimum_sales training.png

Training Industry

Top 20

Mercuri International has been listed as one of the TOP 20 Sales Training Companies by Training Industry.


Gartner's 2021 Magic Quandrant For Sales Training Service Providers

Mercuri International  recognized as “visionary” for their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

2022 Top20 Print Large_sales-enablement training.png

Training Industry

Top 20

Mercuri International has been listed as one of the TOP 20 Sales Training Companies by Training Industry.

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Selling Power

Online Sales Training Top 20

Mercuri International named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top 20 Online Sales Training Companies 2020 List




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Sales Programs

- Essential Selling Skills​

- Assertive Selling Skills​

- Consultative Selling Skills​

- Relational Selling Skills​

- Expertise Selling Skills​

- Social Selling Skills​

- Competitive Selling​

- Digital Customer Conversations​

- Appointment Making Skills​

- Negotiation Skills (Harvard Principles)​

- Key Account Management​

- O2O - Opportunity to Order™​

- Six Battlefields™​

- Business as War™​

Sales Management Programs

- Sales Leadership by Objectives​

- Sales Coaching Skills​

- Steering Sales Meetings​

- Development Centre​

- Leadership Growth Forum​

- Executive Coaching​

- Sales Steering System​


Skills Programs

- Presentation Skills​

- Customer Psychology™​

- Cultural Diversity​

- Customer Service ​

- Facilitation Skills​

- Communication Skills

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